The View from the Edge of the World

Perhaps you were drawn here by the desire to learn more about the Antiquity’s Gate series, and found yourself disappointed by the whimsical musings of the author, instead. Don’t worry, my friend.  Read on, and slake your thirst for knowledge at the fount.

At the edge of the world, the last stronghold of mankind holds silent vigil, a forgotten sentinel in the shadow of the Transantarctic mountains.  For one hundred and twenty-five years, it has stood, while an increasingly dystopian hierarchy has formed bitter divides among its citizens.

The Theran people who came through Antiquity’s Gate are hiding something.  The tense relations between the last of humanity and these mysterious outsiders threaten the fragile bonds that have been holding their community together.   When the very rules enacted to safeguard survival bring heartache to the lives of two unlikely friends, it is up to them to find a way to escape from Sanctuary…but their actions may have devastating consequences.

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