Good Reads Giveaway & An Update

If you like giveaways (and come on, who doesn’t?) enter to win one of two signed copies of Antiquity’s Gate: Sanctuary on Good Reads!  The giveaway is open through December 12th and is open to anyone in the US.

Also, in case you missed the last post about it, it’s also available in ebook format for FREE through tomorrow (December 5th).  Click here to go snag a copy before the deal ends!

Now for an update.  Antiquity’s Gate: Calamity is still coming along at a good pace.  Like the first novel, this second installment will feature two parts.  Part 1: Memoirs of the Forgotten is nearing completion of the first draft.  Are you stoked?  Me, too!

In keeping with tradition, Memoirs also opens with a Pravacordian Nursery Rhyme.  In honor of the giveaway, I decided to share it with you here today.  For your reading pleasure!

When darkness falls, and all is lost,
How sweet, that final breath.
Heart cease to drum, and respite come,
Through gentle kiss of death.

Oh pain and angst and endless trial,
Though constant threat abound,
A world to save, before the grave,
Before relief is found.

Oh how long regret endures,
Till none can bear its weight.
So peace — be still, though come what will,
You cannot challenge fate.

In strife and woe the battles rage,
The brave the first to fall,
Naught to defend, when shall it end?
When night comes for us all.

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